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The medium of instruction and first language from nursery onward is English. The school is following CBSE curriculum. The academic session begins in the month of April till March. The terminal exams will be held twice along with two preliminary card tests. The details of the examination and the method of assessment will be provided to the students in the beginning of the year along with the syllabus.
The goal of the curriculum is to lay a strong educational foundation. The curriculum is planned to develop in the students a respect and love for learning, while giving them the strong basic skills, which they will need to continue their education. Emphasis laid on building up language skills in English. 







Amrit Kumar Mandal

I am delighted to welcome you to GAMS. This website represents our vision and commitment to provide an excellent education for young children so they may become independent, active and responsible members of society. I am delighted to be the Director of this developing and improving school. I am committed to leading it through the next phase of development and beyond. I have high expectations and very much believe in close home/ school partnerships in order to bring about the best in your children, including those of exceptional ability and those who have learning difficulties. I am passionate about the provision of a strong and caring system of support and guidance, because it is absolutely crucial that young people are happy and secure in their learning environment. We are very fortunate in having a team of committed and qualified staff who are dedicated to serving the young people of this school as it continues to grow in number year by year.
I entreat the Almighty to shower His blessings in plenty upon us all.

Professor & Students


Mrs. Menoda Dewan

Education is the most powerful weapon to bring change in the world. It has the power to dissipate darkness and strengthen human mind to create a new world.Schools are one of the most vital social institutions in any advanced society. I take this opportunity to welcome you to Grace Academy Mission School and assure you utmost care and concern over the holistic personality development of your children, entrusted with us.


Mr. Anoj Kumar Mandal

GAMS focuses on mission to inculcate a passion for lifelong learning among students and empower them to face the practical life situation with grit and determination. The school provides a stimulating environment to let the young ones flower and develop the qualities of characters, integrity and social responsibilities. We foster holistic development of the child and provide a full range of facilities to help them grow. GAMS will leave no stones unturned to meet manifold needs of children.



Mr. Nitesh Laber

The importance of schooling can in no way be undermined, the fundamental value system that develops during schooling of an individual remains for a lifetime and thus school as a social institution, must cater to the need of society to make it more value based with strong values and ethics.
We assure parents that we take care of your child’s moral,  intellectual and physical growth.


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Madansahi More, Mainanagar, Pranpur, Katihar- Bihar

7004586416, 9431250918

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