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Academic programme

We aim to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the students and their families.
We aim to provide excellent education through Preventive system. It seeks to form the young, through education, into men/women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment who will foster upright in public life.
The aim of the school is to impart sound value based education by forming in the child’s habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self-reliance during the years of their studies, thus enabling them to be a dutiful and useful citizen of their motherland.
We aim to reach out to the most sublime part of our communities and spread awareness about the importance of education in life.
We aim to provide a stimulating and interesting learning environment both within the school and outdoor.
We aim to foster an appreciation of our natural environment and the world around us.

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The teaching staffs consists of qualified and experienced personnel who, apart from their academic qualifications, have been carefully selected for the professional excellence, dedication to teaching and proven abilities to actively engage students in the learning process that helps students achieve their full potential.

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